141 Weber

LOCATION   Waterloo, ON

PROJECT TYPE   Office, Site Planning


AWARDS  GVCA Building Excellence Awards - Award of Excellence

The former Waterloo Bedding Factory Building has been converted into office space. The oldest part of the building was constructed of a steel frame supporting a heavy timber roof deck, both of which were carefully cleaned with an environmentally sensitive baking‐soda jet blast. The newest part of the building at the rear was taken back to the bare structure and re‐clad with floor to ceiling curtain‐wall glazing. The entire balance of the building perimeter was re‐skinned with a high‐quality metal siding and panel system. Building Entrances are emphasized with “Pop‐Ups” which also act as canopies over the doors. The original building was aligned with its longitudinal

property line, which were not perpendicular to Weber St. S. As such, the building face was oblique to the street. The ABA Project Team designed a new steel armature that carries a copper-coloured steel ribbon parallel to Weber St. S, using this as a significant urban design move that reinforces the streetscape. The interstitial space formed between the building and the armature has been sensitively designed and beautifully landscaped to create a well-used outdoor amenity space. The armature defines this enhancement to the pedestrian streetscape, while also providing a discreet location for building signage.