The Gaslight District

LOCATION    Cambridge, ON



The Gaslight District is a planned, mixed-use community on the site of the former Southworks factory in Downtown Cambridge. The ABA team is responsible for the two 20-storey residential buildings and their 5-storey podiums and interconnected lobby. ABA is concurrently involved with Martin Simmons Architects and a larger team of design professionals on the visioning and design of the public realm in and around the Gaslight District  

site. MSA are Architects of Record for the site plan, commercial/heritage buildings and assets on the site. ABA worked with MHBC throughout the site plan design and approval process to provide the client with a high quality, efficient development. The Gaslight District towers will add 392 residential units to the Downtown Cambridge core, while the podiums contain commercial and residential parking lined with retail and artist units at the pedestrian level.  

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