Waterloo Innovation Park

LOCATION   Waterloo, ON

PROJECT TYPE   Office, Master Planning


AWARDS   GVCA Building Excellence Awards - Award of Merit

Waterloo Innovation Park is a single address comprising five tech office buildings which together surround a central amenity hub. At 619 Kumpf Drive, two office floor plates are connected together via a glazed link and constructed as the second phase of a Master-Planned Commercial Office Development between 609 to 619 Kumpf Drive. The glazed link at 619 Kumpf was created to provide flexibility so that the buildings can be multi-tenanted, tenanted as separate wholes, or leased as combined (as in their present configuration). The glazed link is flanked by a south facing landscaped open space,

which is shielded from prevailing winds by the building on three sides. The buildings are situated such that parking is accessible to all frontages while also, in combination with internal landscaped boulevards, minimizes the “sea of asphalt” parking lot phenomenon. At full build-out, Waterloo Innovation Park comprises five office buildings with a 6-storey parking structure for almost 650 cars. The third phase of the development was a conversion of the former industrial building into 80,000 sq ft of office space.

Kumpf Drive Aerial 4 - 16-5-2007