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Innovation, excellence and collaboration – the core of our design philosophy

At ABA we believe that successful architecture is created from effective collaborations and partnerships. We work closely with our clients and stakeholders to bring their shared visions to reality. Our designs are distinctive, functional, and work to enhance their surrounding built and socioeconomic context.

aba statistics

  • +4,200 projects
  • +20 awards
  • +30 employees
  • +30 years active

Function, efficiency, beauty & economy – the pillars of each project

Exceptional architecture deserves flawless execution. We consistently produce work of the highest quality and strive to always maintain the primacy of time and cost in all that we do. We are proud of the excellence of our portfolio of work.

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Leading the industry with innovation and expertise

ABA is known for quality and excellence in architecture, interior design and site planning. We serve an increasingly diverse and extensive clientele in both the private and public sectors. Our distinctive approach to design development, as well as our expertise in maneuvering projects rapidly through the site planning approvals process, set us apart from our competition.

the keystones of every aba project

  • function
  • efficiency
  • beauty
  • economy

Firm profile

Established in Toronto in 1990, ABA initially focused on multi-unit residential design and construction. The firm's scope of work has since expanded significantly to include institutional, commercial office, retail and industrial projects.

Today ABA Architects Inc. is located in Waterloo and the firm's award-winning work is found in cities and towns across Ontario; predominately in Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph. The firm continues to serve an increasingly diverse and extensive clientele in both private and public sectors.

ABA's focus on construction management and collaborative project delivery methodologies result in a distinctive philosophy to building functionality and innovative design. ABA's approach to design is rooted in collaboration between its site planning and design departments, offering the ability to provide clients expertise at multiple scales in architecture, interior design and urban design. Our modern spaces are bold, functional and enhance the existing context and landscaped environments around them.

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Brent Andrew Sara Anne-2023-Edited




Andrew M. Bousfield

Andrew earned his Bachelor of Architecture from McGill University in 1986 and founded Andrew Bousfield Architect in 1990. Under his leadership, ABA has grown to a successful firm of over thirty design professionals and support staff serving a diverse and extensive clientele in both the private and public sectors. Andrew continues to take the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the practise. In addition to his duties as President, he remains an active architectural and urban designer and maintains involvement in all projects.

Andrew is actively involved on various Committees and Boards devoted to community building and education. As a Board Member of the Grand Valley Construction Association, he advocates for stronger ties and better understanding between architecture and construction. Andrew is often consulted as an expert by municipalities on matters of Urban Design Policy formulation. His well-rounded skillset and dedication to building and fostering relationships within the community defines the practise. Together with his team, he has established ABA as one of the Region’s most respected Architectural Firms.


 vice president, general manager

Pam Tolton

Pam graduated from the ACET program at Conestoga College in 2005 and joined ABA soon after. Throughout her time at the firm, her role has evolved from draftsperson, to project manager, to site planning manager, to Vice President and General Manager. Throughout this evolution, she has developed a broad set of skills in a specialized area; Pam found a niche for herself as someone who could effectively collaborate with the authorities having jurisdiction, contributing to the creation of ABA’s site planning department.

Due largely to her experience and ability to foster strong relationships with Regional and Municipal authorities, ABA is in a unique position, as a firm that is able to provide a full suite of services to its clients. Under Pam’s direction, the Site Planning department has developed a reputation for successfully collaborating with authorities, ensuring regulatory requirements are met, while working closely with clients to reach optimal land use for development.


 vice president, architecture

Josh Bedard

Josh graduated with commendation from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in 2009. Prior to obtaining his Masters of Architecture degree, he graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies in 2006. While enrolled in the Honours Architecture Co-op program at the University of Waterloo he participated in several co-op positions across North America and studied in Europe to help cultivate his architectural skills.

Josh’s considerable experience with multi-residential, long term care, educational and office projects make him an expert in crafting both individual and collaborative environments that meet the needs of their occupants. A versatile designer, he is open to feedback and dedicated to delivering designs that are attractive and meet client’s needs. He carefully analyzes all aspects of a problem and develops solutions that value community, the environment, accessibility and building science. He approaches all his work with a high level of motivation, integrity and has the skill to clearly communicate ideas through words and images.


principal interior designer

Lorelie Ratz

With over 25 years in the industry, Lorelie has served a wide range of clients and has built a diverse portfolio. She brings local and international experience to her clients; Lorelie has worked in Arizona under Italian architect Paolo Soleri and spent time in Switzerland and Toronto, before moving to Waterloo Region in 1998.

Lorelie is passionate about design and collaboration and is known for the creative energy she brings to every project. Her in-depth understanding of the building process enables her to deliver on a client’s visions with innovative design concepts. Her work ranges from commercial interiors and office projects, institutional, and multi-unit residential condo/apartments, to restaurants and retail spaces. At ABA Architects, clients and colleagues recognize her ability to listen and visualize design solutions which result in inspired spaces and improved interior environments.

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