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A distinctive approach to architectural design

We are known for exceptional architectural design and dedication to excellence. Our proven design methodology ensures the value of each project is fully realized from inception to completion. Our approach begins with rigorous research into the requirements of the approvals process and seeks to optimize the value of each project through the use of feasibility and design brief studies. Working in close collaboration with stakeholders, our architects, architectural site planners and skilled architectural technologists quickly develop design concepts that are innovative, bold and respected by the communities in which they are located. With an in-house team of interior design professionals, our architectural team has the expertise to ensure all aspects of each design are well detailed and clearly expressed throughout the project. During construction our group of experienced project managers ensure that the quality of each design is thoroughly executed on site in a timely manner. Our team of professionals are bold, articulate and have the expertise to execute your project quickly.

site planning

Our blueprint for success

Architectural design for dynamic urban spaces presents a unique set of challenges. Starting with preliminary site evaluations and feasibility studies, ABA thoroughly gets to know our sites and ensures clients know what to expect at every stage of the process. Our understanding and appreciation of site context combined with client and Municipal/ Regional requirements and programmes is reflected in all of our site plans. Throughout the design process, the relationship between building and site is carefully considered to optimize efficiencies and enhance urban design aspects such as landscaped and open space opportunities. ABA ensures cohesive integration of vehicular and pedestrian circulation networks, landscape, and architectural forms. The results are thoughtfully balanced, ensuring projects contribute to an enhanced urban experience while exceeding client expectations.



Seamless continuity

Carefully designed buildings and interiors work well together inside and out and over time. At ABA we understand how people use and experience the spaces and as both architects and interior designers we offer our clients the opportunity to pursue the design process beyond the site and the building shell. We pride ourselves on an integrated approach to architecture and interiors and so we offer a full range of interior design services across multiple sectors. From programming, planning and conceptual development through to construction management and completion of the work, we deliver a consistently high standard of service to our clients. We have built an interior design team of bright, dedicated, innovative individuals with over 50 years of combined experience. We lead with creativity, responsiveness, and comprehensiveness of expertise. Let our team create a space that your team can call home.

bold, functional and modern urban spaces